How to get Wi-Fi password of neighbors?


It is obvious that every mobile or laptop user is curious to get a free internet to either download files or for any other heavy works that takes lots of data from the pack. This becomes certain when neighbors have home Wi-Fi with faster internet connection and are not willing to give the password to you. It’s quite fair from their part of refusing as none of the person who is recharging with some heavy expenses on the internet connection of Wi-Fi will be willing to give them for free to neighbors. People often feel congested even if the internet connection of their Wi-Fi is unlimited fearing of slowing down of the internet speed. In this scenario, any kid or teen starts checking on internet to hack the password of Wi-Fi without letting their neighbors know about it. Moreover, there will be innumerous results obtained for the search of the question “how to get Wi-Fi password of neighbors? “. But the frank part of this case is hacking any Wi-Fi passwords is illegal and which is why there are no websites or applications that can help you with the password of your neighbor’s Wi-Fi.

            Apart from the fake websites that appears on the search, play store also contains several applications assuring you to hack the Wi-Fi password for your android device or laptop. As it is impossible to make this happen, either the application will contain malwares that can harm your PC or mobile or else they may be dummy applications with no utilization purpose. Most of the applications available in play store have the name as Wi-Fi hacker and the small caption naming prank too that leaves only disappointment while using them in the real time applications.

Way to get Wi-Fi passwords for neighbors

  Way to get Wi-Fi passwords for neighbors          Although there are no websites that provides tips for hacking with the evidences of people getting passwords of Wi-Fi, there are a few sites that are having closer tricks and tips to get access to such passwords.

  1. Open Network:

how to hack wifi password 2018

Open Wi-Fi network are the networks with no security for access to them. The only thing that matters to get connected to such Wi-Fi for internet access is getting in range of them. Although they are easy to access, houses in suburban areas and villages are far from neighbor’s that makes the access to Wi-Fi quite difficult for the user. But professionals in Wi-Fi hacking uses long directional antennas and even signal amplifiers to get connected to those Wi-Fi networks. Laptop and Wi-Fi routers have the range of 150 Meters which can be increased by using some equipment to extend the signal strength up to 30 km. However, if you are close to the Wi-Fi router you can access internet with much ease without changing any password settings in mobile or PC.

2. Wireless Encryption Protocol:

how to get Wi-Fi password of neighbors

This type of security access was added to router when they were new to the society to keep the attackers and borrowers out of network for the fluent speed of internet to the owner. Still now, many routers have this security protocol to protect their data and restrict their internet access by other people around them. However Wireless encryption protocol is considered as a weak security protocol that can be hacked easily by simple software available to the normal users. A freeware program can hack the wireless encryption protocol in five to ten minutes of trial. It is pretty obvious that using WEP was quite better when compared to open network as in cities, it is quite easy to enter the network circle without permission.

3. Wi-Fi protected access (WPA):

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This is one of the security protocols for Wi-Fi that is seen in mobiles and PCs of now a day. It is secure as well as possesses more flexibility than WEP in every aspect and breaching this security layer is quite tough for even professionals. This included Pin method where the owner could drop in some numbers that act as the security layer for others to enter the network and gain information or access from it. The devices that are likely to enter the network should enter the password that is entered by the Wi-Fi owner to get access or to take any information from the devices connected to the same network. However, this can also be breached by just trying some different patterns of digits to match with the original one. The earliest version of WPA contained only numbers which was quite easy for anyone to guess by trying some relevant number related to the person owing the Wi-Fi router. The most important thing to consider in this case was that WPA doesn’t have any defense mechanism in it to stop the users who have already gained access to the network except for changing the pin again.

4. WPA-PSK (Pre shared keys):

how to hack wifi password on laptop without any software,This is quite an advanced version of WPA that allowed the owner to enter the alphabet series with special characters or else numbers within. Moreover the router comes with pin that is included as inbuilt security which get accessed only when the user types the same key on the device he wants to use. External users can also access this network by entering the same key that was entered by the owner in his device but it’s quite tough to guess as the whole passwords will have millions of combination for guess and trial method. However, in one statistics that was revealed by the experts is that most owners keeps less secure passwords and most of them can also be guessed easily such as 1234, abed etc. This can be breached easily by the externals users within the network limit but this also has an additional feature by which the owner can also block the user’s connectivity to the network from the main device or else can limit the amount of users to be connected with the network. WPA-2PSk also supports the blockage of data access even if an user is in the network and has already got accessed to internet of the router.