How an individual may pay car loan or any SBI Loan online?


An individual may pay SBI car loan online by doing a pre-payment of the EMI online at SBI website. For the payment of an individual needs to follow some steps if have not done.

Step 1: An individual need to link an account with SBI bank account at an online Website for SBI loan payment online.

SBI people add loan account in the user’s net banking account so the user may pay SBI car loan EMI payment online through NEFT.

If an individual does not have net banking enable, the user may learn here how to enable net banking. Another way to have SBI car loan EMI payment is directly going to the bank and submits money in the loan account. This method will be offline and since a user needs to do online, here is a method of how to add beneficiary account/ loan account in the net banking account.

How to add loan account in online banking account?

sbi car loan payment online

A user needs to make sure that it has an internet banking enabled at website and the State of Bank of India branch where the user has loan account should accept the online payments. Almost all SBI branches accept online payments on NEFT transfers.

Just like addition of a third party account online, in the same way, the user may add SBI car loan account as the third party beneficiary account so the user will be able to make the NEFT Payments after adding. After the account is added, it takes around hours and the user is able to see the beneficiary accounts.

As soon as the account is added, the user may make the payments to the car loan email or any loan account. It would be considered as the prepayment. It is the easy way for SBI car loan payment online.

E-Payment feature in SBI Bank

sbi car loan account login

SBI has bill payments module in Online SBI website lets the user pay telephone mobile, electricity, Insurance, and credit card bills accordingly/ User may say goodbye to queues. A user may check and pay bills online around the clock over online SBI.

How to set up a net banking account?

A user needs to activate Online SBI internet banking and you need to visit the SBI Branch in which the user has an account or else user needs to create an account in SBI. User needs to register for Online SBI internet Banking Service For this user needs to fill a form and submit at the bank branch. After registration for online SBI banking user will get the kit and will be able to log in. After all, this User needs to create a new user ID along with Login password and profile password. For Login, a user may go to and click on the login section.

A new window will open and user needs to follow the steps shown on the screen.