Top 5 business ideas for college students for Launching a Startup


startups for college students in india

It is a mere fact that most college students struggle with unemployment or underemployment and needs to completely rely upon parents for financial support. Apart from that, there are lots of options available in the market offering a long list of business ideas for students in India.

Spending the money on children even after their graduation is a tough job for the parents as many of them may have retired or are unable to maintain their monthly budget plan. In this scenario, many of the college students are planning to loosen up the burden of their parents by launching their own startup in the market. Startups if gets clicked in the market can bring huge profit overnight for sure which is why business persons are richer than the government job employee or any job holder. Using perfect strategy and capturing the demand of customers in a certain place is one of the major tactics that can lead the pave for a good future for students. However, there are a few startup plans that any college students can choose based on their skills for a good step into startups in the market.

Few ideas Of Startups For College Students In India

startups for college students in india

Based on fewer investment criteria and visible profit, these are some startup ideas that can be good financial support for any college students. A Student with the proper skill set and enough knowledge from the lessons of the college can use their knowledge in real life to gain profit. Some of the basic startup ideas for college students besides attending the college campus are

1. Tutoring:startups for college students in india - tutoring

Although there are many startup ideas for students in India, It is the best way to use your skills in teaching that completely reflects your knowledge achieved in the class. Moreover, tutoring can also increase your proficiency in the area of the subject and also can bring you good money. Tutoring is the simplest way to increase knowledge and earn money at a time and this is why most students choose this field of employment in their basic stage of a startup. Tutoring can also be developed into good money making business if the results of the students get much better than before. If you are witnessing good progress in the tutoring business then you can increase the area of business extended to market by developing the environment or else starting an institute collaborating with many students of your age.

2. Transportation And Delivery

online business ideas for students in india - Transportation And Delivery

Transportation seems to be a job of high grade, but it’s quite similar to the Uber drivers who are considered as an individual contractor working for the company of Uber. A group of college students can start a delivery company by collaborating with any renowned company and can earn good money as online shopping is a new trend nowadays. It will obviously be a good plan if the advertisement of those companies will be on hype after working with full efforts for some length of time. If any of the students in a group possess a bike or car, then it will be of great help in deliveries and some enhancements from the existing companies such as delivery on time can bring in good customers for sure. Unlike the tutoring startup, this may require some amount to startup with transportation and delivery and good interaction skills will make some good money by joining hands with companies. This will be one of the best business ideas for students in India as it can make a good name as well as profit if it is proved genuinely consistent.

3. Freelancing

online business ideas for students in india - freelancing

With the rapid development of technology, the use of internet and the web-based application has gained a lot of customers throughout the world. In this scenario, online business ideas for students in India are also rapidly increasing in terms of freelancing. Students with their individual skills can gain money from freelancing in various fields such as content writing, graphics design as well as many dependent jobs in the market. A system with a proper internet connection is enough in this case but it’s a kind of good and profitable part-time job that works from anywhere in the world and students can do their job whenever they get leisure or spare time from their regular schedule.

4. Web Designing

online business ideas for students in india - Web Designing

Although there may be many plans for startups for college students in India, with proper and definite skills, web designing lead all the startups if properly nurtured with consistency. If a student is expertise is web designing and development then he can start with freelancing and end up with limitless profits by opening a company with many professionals either trained by that individual or recruited. A group of professionals in web designing and development field can gather lots of customers as their clients for enhancements in their sites or any additional designing process to attract more customers from their side. If you are skilled in web designing or have a clear cut idea about the graphic designing and content building then you can earn good money for sure.

It is better to startup by creating independent websites of some small scale companies or stores nearby you as testimonials. You can then expand your business to a further level to the bigger community that can provide more money and can also pass your fame to other clients for sure.

5. Marketing

startup ideas for students in india - Marketing

Marketing services are also one of the best startup ideas for students in India as every newly started company as well as reputed companies needs advertisement and publicity to gain customers. If your group of friends is expertise in graphic design, arts, writing, and poster making then you can form a good group of professionals in your company to prove your skills and ability in the market. It will be better to start up with local stores and companies to offer your marketing services and if everything turns well with the best efforts then your company will get publicity automatically as a good and active marketing service.