small scale business ideas in chennai

Chennai is the capital city of the Indian state of the Tamil Nadu and a metropolitan city. Chennai has emerged as an educational hub of the country as many renowned institutions have opened their branches here.

A city where both tradition and modernity coexist in light of a rich heritage and cultural past, Chennai is gateway to south India. Chennai creates an environment which is suitable for entrepreneurial business without pressure unlike experienced by businesses in the western world.

Setting up a home based small scale business is a cost-effective proposition for beginners be it women or men. Initiating a business from home takes much less startup capital investment than a freestanding business or even franchise business. Small scale business plays a significant role in GDP of Any country

Small Scale industries are those in which manufacturing, providing services, productions are done on small scale or micro scale. For example these are the ideas of small scale industries: Napkins, tissues, chocolates, toothpick, water bottles, small toys, papers, pens. Small Scale industries play an important role in social and economic development of India. These industries do a one-time investment in machinery, plants, and industries which could be on an ownership basis, hire, purchase, or lease basis.

Essentially small scale industries comprise of the small enterprise who manufacture goods or services with the help of relatively smaller machines and a few workers and employees. Basically the enterprise must fall under the guidelines set by the Government of India.

Few of the small scale business ideas at home,  that can be established in Chennai are following:

Charm Jewellery

small scale business in chennai - Charm Jewellery

With mix of the old and the new, a business of selling charm jewellery to tourists, there can be a niche developed where customers can be allowed to create personalized charms for themselves and loved ones as souvenirs. This is a quaint business idea that is sure to appeal to the earth friendly people who love such trinkets and charms.

Yoga/Exercise Teacher

If you are fit enough and can teach people about living healthy lifestyle, opening classes for yoga and gymnasium would be great idea, on the other hand you can go to houses of the trainee and train them.

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Fruit juice kiosk

small scale business in chennai - Fruit juice kiosk

Who doesn’t appreciate fresh fruit-juice on a sweltering day? To tap into this lucrative business, you have to start by requesting for a permit to open a kiosk in a chosen locality, preferably one that is hard to miss. Following this, you will need to pay rent for shop-space. Other than this, the only other investment you need to put your money up for is for the purchase of the raw materials, supplies like machines for making the juice, and the salaries of the employee(s) making the juice.

Customer Experience Expert

small scale business in chennai - Customer Experience Expert

Most companies do not have information about their customer experience. A website can be setup of top 50 retailers, collate, findings, from customers and staff; then send it of to the companies

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Food Delivery Services

small scale business in chennai - Food Delivery Services

A website can be build that allows customers to select their meals from different restaurants and have you delivers them, You can charge restaurant money for delivery service and also collect a fee from clients for using your service

Delivery Services

           small scale business in chennai - delivery services

You can think of delivering food to running errands for people; from picking up their laundry to walking their pets. You can branch out by offering your services to households with elderly people living in them.


           small scale business in chennai - Blogging

Professional blogging requires only a minimal start-up cost. You only have to invest in a domain name and hosting space –initially at least – which in its ‘unlimited’ capacity costs a maximum of roughly Rs 3600. As for promoting your blogs through the right channels, the cost-free and limitless expanse of the internet is all you need.

Social Media Strategist

small scale business in chennai - Social Media Strategist

Social media has become the way of the world. Corporates, startups, and personal channels have all realized this and work to increase their presence on it. While most of the bigger companies (especially in the media) now have a social media team to handle this aspect, the smaller ones reach out to stand-alone social media strategists. The only investment that you, as someone looking to build a brand in this line, should be making is improving your online presence by advertising on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn and spending a basic amount on maintain your website, to ensure that it ranks higher in the search engine pages.

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Maid Service Business Ideas

small scale business in chennai - Maid Service Business Ideas

In every developed city, shortage of maid is always a problem whether it Chennai, Bangalore etc. So many family faces difficulty and they have to do all the household work, now a days many girls and women are also doing job, they don’t get time for household work Very few maids are available

Pet Shop And Services Business Idea

small scale business in chennai - Pet Shop And Services Business Idea

We all like pets, every child have a dream of making a pet. People treat pet as a member of their family, also like to get their pet trained and visit doctor on daily basis

Most people find it as a symbol of status . people are willing to spend money on pet easily. Because they become emotionally attached to them.


There are best small business ideas which can be started with low investment. Choose a small business idea which fits best based on your timing, choice and based on your how much you want to earn . There are various advantages to starting home based business. You can initiate the business with comparatively small startup capital investment, so you can start your business with minimum financial risk, at any moment of time you can scale up the Business. You can plan an expansion strategy without spending much, And finally, if you are already jobber, you can start home based business as side income avenue. When you start getting confidence, you can consider putting in full time to business.